Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the solution?

The solution includes:
- Our smart sensor, positioned in/on each package to be shipped
- Access to our cloud platform, including analytics, forecasts and full-visibility tools
- One day onboarding to get the users up-to-speed with the platform functionalities - Reverse logistic of the device from destination warehouse - Customer support

What are the benefits of the solution?

The benefits of our solution are both direct and indirect and come along with its two components:
Smart sensor - Conditions monitoring (incl. temperature, humidity, light, vibration) - Infrastructure independence - Insurance premium reduction - Service level and customer relationship improvement Cloud platform - Ease of use - Effortless data collection - Real-time issue detection - Effective management of unexpected events - Access to actionable data - Conditions and ETA prediction

Is it an IoT device or a track&trace solution?

So far, IoT and track&trace devices have been two complementary but separate solutions, forcing companies to choose between two sets of different but equally needed benefits; nevertheless, with Monoceros they finally become a single tool to help customers get the full visibility they ask for with an easy-to-use and affordable pack. Monoceros combines the best of both worlds by providing a solution which gives: - Very precise and granular information - Full visibility - End-to-end control - Real-time alerts - Accurate conditions monitoring - Ease of use - Access to actionable data - Key metrics prediction - All features needed in one single tool, for a competitive price Being focused on the need rather than the solution itself, Monoceros provides a tool that adapts to the criticality level of the flows and that allows the collection of high quality historical data thus giving access to several analytics.

What parameters are monitored with this solution?

Conditions monitoring is all about having end-to-end visibility and full control over any shipment across every road, rail, and sea with real-time alerts in case of unexpected events.
Therefore, our solution accurately monitors temperature, humidity, light and shocks at every step of the chain.

What kind of real-time alerts will I receive?

Real-time alerts will be sent on our cloud platform every time that one of the following occurs:
- Departure and arrival at every step
- Changes in ETA
- Sudden variation of the expected route
- Conditions breaching the pre-set limits for temperature, humidity, light and vibration

How do I create value with the data gathered?

Data is processed and cleansed by our smart sensor before being desplayed on the cloud platform. Here, there are several ways to create value:
- Insurance premium reduction: reduce the insurance premium by proving you have better control of your deliveries
- Service level and customer relationship improvement: with AI, get actionable and predictive ETA, anticipate delays and synchronize operations for faster lead-time to improve reliability for a better customer relationship
- Theft (waste) avoidance: get real-time information on unexpected location (conditions) changes of the package to react faster and avoid merchandise theft (waste) - Route optimization: detailed analysis from lead-times per route and shipping lanes, with suggestion over the best one to follow

Can it be integrated with my existing systems?

Our solution can be easily integrated with any existing system, via an API.

Can the sensor be reused?

Our smart sensor can be reused several times, thanks to its multi-year battery life. In addition, to contribute to a more sustainable supply chain, its case is made with a recycled and recyclable plastic, to reduce the impact on the environment and play our role in reducing the global plastic waste

How does the tracking work on a ship, far from the shore?

Our smart sensors leverage both GPS and GSM connection, the latter working well through container walls and easily connecting to antennas placed on or near the shore to send collected data.
While far from the coast, all data points are recorded and saved by the device until it reconnects to the network.
In the meantime, the real-time geolocation of the ship allows a continuous tracking of the delivery.